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"Quality Government NOW!"-CPowers

Candidate to President 


Who is Christin Powers?  A non corrupt 2024 United States Democratic politician. Born 12/19/68 Madison Heights, Michigan 


Why is Christin Powers running for United States President?  In 2019, as a candidate she traveled the United States with photographer John Sessa to document American financial failure of adults that are not experiencing their American Dream due to drugs, exhaustion, and lack of financial means to own a home or transportation and a business. 


How will she solve the 3 largest issues facing America, addiction, poverty, supers storms?  Powers Solutions will provide additional income streams to all participating Americans in a tax free cooperative karmic based executive order choice list that intends healing, non corruption, wealth generation. 


What prepared Christin to lead America, grit, differential diagnosis physical therapy education and treatment, success mentors, mother of 4 live births, advocate for children, troops, multi media writer, distributer, producer of books, movie, TV show, Tok Tok, Twitter, Facebook, U Tube.   


Pro Se Experience in multiple Florida and New York law suits, appeals, In Re Christin Griskie v. Disney Enterprises , Inc., et al., In re Christin Griskie ON PETITION FOR REHEARING ON WRIT OF Ma/ndamus AND PROHIBITION.


Failures of United States Government for Christin Powers include 2 Supreme Court denials, awaiting response from Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission and Supreme Court regarding verbal and written complaints of massive corruption inside United States Supreme Court, Federal Election Commission Ethics Department, Unfair 1934 Communication Law allowing sitting president to control Federal Communication Commission appointment, thus controlling all political news, debates and elections. 


2023 Goal for Christin Powers:  raise $400M - $600M from all United States citizens over 18 via this website with a one time $2 donation. 


2024 Goal for Christin Powers Spend one week per state capital spending on a full non corrupt loving mature respectable on team of strength and peace traveling to 52 state capitals “Truth Town Halls to end United States Political Corruption That has Sought to exclude experienced women and mothers and wives from the Office of the United States Presidency.”


Quote by Christin Powers “Americans that devote $2 to this campaign once or devote one hour per day to be a part of this $600M campaign of truth and peace are non corrupt.  Do not donate a simple $2, you are corrupt. In life if you give a little you get a little, if you give a lot you get a lot. The greatest lesson, I am teaching you is to recognize your personal powers through the gift of goodness to your fellow Americans and your country through The Christin Powers Campaign. This is a campaign designed for the people by a smart girl that grew up to instill the gift of the Universe on human life resulting in wealth of mind and body.  We will leave the soul development to the individual as a constitutional organization that respects the separation of the church and state.  But with that in mind, pastors vote and politicians pray but we all much donate time and money to perfect goodness, it is possible with an open mind and an open heart. May the universe bless you with obvious revelation of new found earthly peace.”- Christin Powers As I move from candidate to President, it is my request that you move from The United States from corruption to non corruption with your infinite powers of love." 1/7/23  

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